About Dr. R. Grover

  • - Fellowship, Council of Sex Education and Parenthood (International)
  • - Life Member, Indian Association for Sexology
  • - Life Member, Council of Sex Education and Parenthood (International)
  • - Ex. Member International Society for Sexual Medicine
  • - B A M S, B-Pharm
  • - Member of Ayush Medical Association
  • - Attended 24th National Conference of Sexology
  • - 30th National Conference of Sexology
  • - 4th National Conference of Sexology
  • - 32nd National Conference of Sexology
  • - Attended various conference of sexology and andrology.
  • - Dr R Grover Is A Qualified Consultant. His Clinic Is ISO 9001:2015 Certified Clinic. Dr R Grover Has Helped Many Thousands Of Men In Overcoming Their Sex Related Problems. Problems Like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Problem Of Night Fall Etc Are Very Frustrating Conditions That Men Suffer From. Dr. Grover Has Consulting Service For Patients Suffering From These Ailments Through A Combination Of Counseling Therapy. The Online Consultation Available At www.Drrgrover.In Provides A Place For Men To Discuss Their Embarrassing Sexual Problems Which They Might Find Awkward To Discuss In Person With Their Doctors Face To Face..

Your privacy is 100% sure and your private details are never shared with anyone else. The online consultation lets people from all over India and the world get access to one of the best expert in India and helps them enjoy their sex life once again and in many cases saves marriages from breaking up.

Dr. R. Grover has made it his personal and professional mission to spread awareness about sex problems and to make men and men realize that these problems are very common and mostly treatable in majority of cases.

Through our online and offline consultation we are providing consultation, knowledge and Counselling for the followings:


Sex Therapy, Sex Education, Sex Counseling, guidance for sex problem , Weakness after Sex or Masturbation, Male’s Sex Problems, Erectile Dysfunction (Due to Age, or other Medical Conditions), possible reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction (Side effects of Drugs, certain Medicines, Stress, Performance Anxiety, Psychological factors or any other reason), Premature Ejaculation (Due to stress, age factor, anxiety) and reasons behind Premature Ejaculation (Side Effect of Drugs, side Effects of few Medicines, other reason). Premarital Sex Problems, Post Marital Sex Problems, Resolving Sex Related Myths, Loss of Libido (Low Sex Desire), Lack of Confidence due to Sex Problems, Itching in sex organ Sex or Masturbation.

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